Top 20 NuGet aspnet Packages

A SisoDb management tool for your websites. The tool is hosted on the website and will accessible from everywhere if the user is given permission.
FluentMvc - A library for adding conventions to ASP.NET MVC using a fluent configuration API for registering filters and ActionResults
Revalee is a Windows Service used to schedule callbacks for web applications. It simplifies a web application's workflow when events are required *after* the normal handling of web requests. This library allows Revalee callback requests to be easily embedded in web application code. This NuGet pack...
Useful extensions/tools/utils I keep using all over the place. Hit me up (@bscheiman) if you need help.
A .NET Utility Class Library
The ViewStateOptimizer is a .NET library used to optimize the ViewState problem for the web forms platform. It will include a set of the best methods to improve the performance for the web forms when using ViewState.
Deprecated. Use MotleyFlash.AspNetCore.MessageProviders. Leverages DNXFlash and contains useful message providers for AspNet.
Deprecated. Use MotleyFlash.AspNetCore.ViewProviders. Leverages DNXFlash and contains useful view helpers for Razor.
Unity is a lightweight extensible dependency injection container. This package is a Unity bootstrapper for ASP.NET MVC. VB.NET
This package contains classes for issuing App Service Authentication tokens. For more information, check out
A vNext MVC 6 specific middleware for ImageDis. A simple image resizing server for ASP.NET.
This Owin middleware helps with serializing and formating JSON results from ASP.NET web API Hosted within OWIN server or self hosted OWIN Web API. There is also support for ASP.NET Web API without OWIN from v1.0.2.
I help create mappings for AutoMapper based on interfaces.
RequestLogger.AzureTable Class Library allows to log requests to Azure Table Storage
The core infrastructures for Asp.Net Core to convert RESTful API to code + message/data structure.
The generate API documentation infrastructure for Asp.Net Core - a API toolchain for ASP.NET Core.
A swagger style UI for Love.Net.Help - a API toolchain for ASP.NET Core.
Fonlow.HubTraceListener listens to traces of your application, and upload the traces to TraceHub.
The Lifecycle library contains interfaces and helpers for wiring and running commands to execute during a web request lifecycle.
ASP.NET Core MVC Chart tag helper.