Top 20 NuGet asp Packages

Plugin which monitors Url's and Query/Form input for sql injection attempts. Provides feed back on those "Bad Eggs" why don't play nicely!
Highly optimised localization plugin for AspNetCore.PluginManager
Plugin which generates breadcrumbs based on controller method attributes
Plugin which provides Seo data for any route within a web application
Plugin which generates sitemaps for a website
DryIoc extension for ASP.NET MVC
DryIoc extension for ASP.NET WebAPI with OWIN
Integration test harness for ASP.Net MVC 5. Allows you to fully integration test an MVC web project without needing to host under IIS or similar. Allows access to both server state and client responses in a single assertion.
DryIoc extension for OWIN
DryIoc extension for ASP.NET WebAPI
JavaScript URL routing for ASP.NET MVC. Allows you to use your ASP.NET MVC routes from JavaScript. Please refer to project site ( for more details, usage examples and sample code.
DryIoc extension for ASP.NET WebAPI
Data lookup controls for ASP.NET Core projects.
.Net Ad hoc Reporting Tool Web Forms version that allows programmers to easily add Report building functionality to their ASP .NET Web Application
Integrates RemoteViewing with ASP.NET Core, allowing you to host a noVNC server.
Highly optimised memory cache plugin for AspNetCore.PluginManager
Plugin which restricts access to routes to specific ip address ranges.
Highly optimised GeoIp plugin for AspNetCore.PluginManager
Plugin Middleware - Business Object Layer
Common functionalities and utilities for any ASPNETCore MVC project