Top 20 NuGet appsettings Packages

Provides server side configurations to available on client side. Documentation:
Configuration class generator for app.config and web.config appsettings and connectionStrings.
Small utility for loading/saving properties of .Net classes as string values into app.config file or other sources(Json/XML,...)
Loads AppSettings from a settings file and/or Environment Variables.
Castle windsor utils
ConfigurationManager for using App.config and Web.config of different assemblys. It have a Wcf.ChannelFactory wich use the ConfigurationManager.
Wrapper class library for WinRT Roamin/Local settings.
My package description.
Classes for extending the System.Configuration namespace.
An implementation of ServiceStack IAppSettings interface that uses key/value store as backing storage
Tweak is a library that helps you to create strongly typed settings read from different sources e.g. appsettings, json etc.
Provides a dynamic API for accessing AppSettings in app.config and web.config files
Provides up to date application setting values
Contains an implementation of a overrider for AzureConfigurationManager for the Invisionware Settings Library
Da suporte a obter informações do AppSettins do WebConfig ou AppConfig, dando uma mensagem de exceção tratada caso seja esperado uma chave que não foi definida no arquivo pelo desenvolvedor. Agora também é possível criptografar o conteúdo do seu arquivo de configuração.
Vetcher is a multiple container variable lookup utility with build-in providers for AWS Secrets, Environment Variables, AppSettings, and Static definitions
Configuration extensions for Chakra.Core