Top 20 NuGet appsettings Packages

An abstraction of appsettings allowing easy and testable retrieval of settings from arbitrary sources.
Just a bunch of C# .NET classes and extension methods I find useful.
Enables ELMAH SqlErrorLog to read connection string from AppSettings
The dynamic configuration manager for .NET
Cross platform Xamarin AppSettings reader
This package gives you dynamic access to your AppSettings or some other arbitrary NameValueCollection.
Simple configuration manager to get and set the values in the AppSettings section of the default configuration file (C# - Source file). Note: this nuget package contains csharp source code and depends on Generics introduced in .Net 2.0.
This library allows you to describe user names and passwords into appSettings section! This library benefit for ASP.NET Web apps on Windows Azure Websites or AppHarbor, provide very easy way to light weight account administration. / ユーザー名とパスワードを appSettings 構成に記述できます! このライブラリは Windows Azure We...
Simple auto-mapping of configuration settings to POCOs.
Store and get app settings from database instead of configuration file, It's also has a feature where you can override the database setting with the normal appSettings section from the configuration file.
This T4 template was based on the orginal work of J Wynia from his blog post at
Library meant to provide easy abstraction and mockability for common .NET classes (e.g., DateTime, File, Environment).
Provides server side configurations to available on client side. Documentation:
Small utility for loading/saving properties of .Net classes as string values into app.config file or other sources(Json/XML,...)
Loads AppSettings from a settings file and/or Environment Variables.
Castle windsor utils
ConfigurationManager for using App.config and Web.config of different assemblys. It have a Wcf.ChannelFactory wich use the ConfigurationManager.
Wrapper class library for WinRT Roamin/Local settings.
My package description.
The dynamic configuration manager for .NET