Top 20 NuGet app Packages

BTheme of the Poste Italiane web template with B-Arts Framework
Monetize your Windows WPF and WinForm apps or games with banner and interstitial ads with top revenue and 100% fill rate. AdsJumbo advetising SDK supports UWP, WinForm, WPF, Unity3D and HTML5 apps. Increase your revenue opportunities by putting ads in your Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app or gam...
Untranslocator allows to get the original path from a translocated macOS app (App Translocation)
Hydra is a app generation tool with resulting source code. Generated front-end support for Ionic/Angular. Restful microservice layer support for .NET Core. Back-end support for SQL Server. Other supported technologies coming soon as Hydra is highly extensible. Also includes support for mobile capabi...
A dotnet-new template for Falco web applications.
MAD.NET Collection Extensions
MAD.NET Reflection Extensions
MAD.NET Reflection Extensions
simple wpf shell implementations for a modular wpf app.
simple service for connect a path to a virtual/logical drive letter.
simple service for connect a path to a virtual/logical drive letter.
simple wpf app implementations for a modular wpf app.
wpf grid view extensions mvvm-c implementations.
wpf items control extensions mvvm-c implementations.
wpf media extensions mvvm-c implementations.
wpf navigation extensions with a simple naming conventional view locator.
wpf textbox extensions mvvm-c implementations.
wpf ui element extensions mvvm-c implementations.
wpf window extensions mvvm-c implementations.
QuickLearn's T-Rex Metadata Library provides attributes that can be used to decorate your API Apps' actions and models for Logic App consumption. Use this package for shared projects containing models.