Top 20 NuGet app Packages

Generates BIDS application
Provides capabilities to easily provide authentication for Web APIs running in Azure.
Manage who can see the content apps in your Umbraco site by changing an app setting in your web.config
Provide a template to easily build Web APIs running in Azure.
Provides capabilities for easily correlating requests when building Web APIs running in Azure.
Provides capabilities to easily authorization Web APIs running in Azure.
MAD.NET Linq Extensions
This is the official package for the Parse .NET Standard SDK. Add a cloud backend to any platform supporting .NET Standard 2.0 with this simple-to-use SDK.
Gauge control for Windows 10.
Provides interfaced configuration objects with properties mapped from appSettings or connectionStrings. This allows your IConfiguration to be injected anywhere in your code providing a unit-testable solution to configuration management with no magic strings. See the project home page for further inf...
Image API & processing for Azure Web Apps
A rich library of helpers, services, and base classes for new and existing Windows UWP apps to maximize awesomeness and minimize boilerplate garbage. This library has a companion Visual Studio Extension called "Template 10 Template Pack".
Utility to manage pimix jobs.
Xamarin.Android Bindings for Cuneyt Ayyildiz' Android Onboarder, a simple and lightweight library to create beautiful introduction screens for your Android apps.
Cross-platform base framework for sending email. Api utilizes SendGrid and Keys are require.
Xamarin.Android onboarding library
Leverage user-centric API analytics to drive adoption, usage, and retention, including: - Gain visibility into API adoption and usage - Quickly debug functional and performance issues - Monitor for issues impacting customers - Create live dashboards and share with col...
Utility to manage pimix jobs.
Simple, powerful, customizable file download manager library for Android
File Server Lib for Karamunting.Android.TonyoFrancis.Fetch2