Top 20 NuGet app Packages

Cojecto is a semantic database built for Windows 8 Store Apps and .NET 4.5 applications. Cojecto has full SPARQL support and you can load data from several file formats or natively. Cojecto is a very high performance semantic database. Cojecto conforms to the new async/await pattern req...
One of the challenges with mobile applications is the inability to iterate on apps quickly due to the app verification process and users' reluctance to update. A/B Testing is a great way of testing new features but this still requires the app to be re-verified in order to increase the number of use...
Turn a basic C# MVC application in a responsive, ajax based web application
A sane wrapper over the Xamarin.InAppBilling library.
A set of debugging controls and helpers for Windows Runtime XAML applications.
Gauge control for Windows 10.
MyMath dec
Plisky Client Services Library, provides access to Plisky services including authentication, content and feature management.
App Service Helpers (ASH) makes it as easy as possible to add data storage and authentication to your mobile app with Microsoft's Azure App Service Platform. ASH was built with the mobile developer in mind, and requires no previous experience with backends as a service (BaaS). In just four lines of...
A user interface controls library for WPF
A .NET Standard 2.0 conforming library of cross platform user interface control code
AOP library that subscribes to ReactiveProperty and tracks events.
Add App.Metrics to memory and distributed cache
Use your own class object to easily load and save configuration settings to App/Web/Custom .config or .xml file. if the .xml file or your custom.config file doesn't exist it will be created.
This small collection of code snippets add the following features to console application. Console_Stuff Read_BoundedValue(Of T)( ICollection(Of T) - Enables an easy way of selecting an element from a collection in a console application. - Read_Decimal --> Allow the user to type in a Decimal V...
A Collection of Extension Methods for the Console.
This is test app
GoogleAnalytics.App is an unofficial SDK for interacting with Google Analytics. It is compatible with version 2 of the Google Analytics SDK for iOS and Android and uses Google Measurement Protocol to report app- and mobile-specific metrics.
Aphrodite is a set of MVVM helper classes, controls, and more for Windows Store App projects.