Top 20 NuGet aop Packages

Puresharp is a Framework that provides the essential APIs to productively build high quality (.NET 4.5.2+ & .NET Core 2.1+) applications through reliability, scalability and performance without no compromise.
This add-in gives you extended control over auto-properties, like directly accessing the backing field or intercepting getters and setters.
The Enterprise Library Policy Injection Application Block can be used to change the behavior of any .NET objects, in order to better manage crosscutting concerns for these objects. The policy injection is implemented through the Unity interception mechanism. The package includes call handlers for Lo...
IPuresharp urbanize libraries with strategic private code to lay transparent foundations for Puresharp API .NET
Package supporting development using some of the SOLID principles.
Generates code from a swagger specification.
Interception extensions for SimpleInjector
AOP implementation for .Net
Object-Based Authorization Library
SNAP makes AOP easy by integrating with your favorite IoC container. SNAP does not modify compiled code (unlike PostSharp) . It uses your IoC container to create runtime-callable wrappers to intercept your method calls. Source code for SNAP is hosted at
NetSqlAzMan is for all Microsoft .NET 4.0 developers that need to manage loosely-coupled applicative authorizations, that is, weakly coupled with source code, in a light and fast way having all these authorizations in a relational database such as MS Sql Server (2000/MSDE/2005/2008/Express).
A lot of popular frameworks is depended on Castle Dynamic Proxy Generator, but the last one is very slow. I suggest a replacement with compile time proxy and plumbing code generator.
Hapil is a dynamic MSIL generation library, which serves a back-end for the following design techniques: - CoI - Convention-over-Implementation - Aspect-Oriented Programming, through decoration - [planned] Subject-Oriented Programming, via mix-ins - [planned] Duck Typing
Automates the plumbing around System.Lazy.
For use with SimpleInjector dependency injection container. Provides extension methods on Container that make registering Functional.CQS handler implementations easy. - Functional.CQS.IQueryHandler<TQuery, TResult> - Functional.CQS.IAsyncQueryHandler<TQuery, TResult> - Functional.CQS.ICommandHandle...
Ninject extension for using StaticProxy.Fody with ninject. This enables proxying on platforms which don't support Dynamic Proxy (like Windows RT, Apple IPhone,...)
Package Description
Display all the Dependency Injection services in Mvc or Api project, developers can view all of the services through the browser, include Lifetime(Singleton, Transient, Scoped), ServiceType(IHttpContextFactory, ILoggerFactory...) and ImplementationType(Microsoft.AspNetCore.Http.HttpContextFactory, ...
EntityFramework.Patterns provides different patterns to be used with Entity Framework >= 6.0 Implemented patterns are : - Generic Repository - Unit of Work - Repository Decorator - Auditable Entity - Archivable Entity - Cache