Top 20 NuGet ansi Packages

.NET wrapper for winpty. NetStandard2.0
Extends ADONetHelper library to Snowflake
Yaap - Yet Another ANSI Progress Bar
DataTables.AspNet extensions for AnsiSql generation.
Cross-platform ANSI-based multicolor terminal library
Generic ADO.NET helper library to connect to a relational database system using a given providers ADO.NET driver. Driver can be in Global Assembly Cache or referenced as a nuget package.
Text files Unicode Charset Detector With and Without BOM.
.NET wrapper for winpty.
C# .NET extended Console class supporting ANSI output.
Package Description
ANSI escape codes and true color formatting for .NET's console.
A helper library for SadConsole games built with GoRogue.
A multithreaded logging system which allows colored console output on windows via ANSI color code interpretation. Also includes helpful widgets for console UIs like; progress bars, spinners, countdowns, & type restricted user prompts.
Spice up your logging with some color!
Core Mapping library
Mapping library
Tool to easily write strings with ANSI character formatting