Top 20 NuGet android-library Packages

An Android library to create fully material designed bottom dialogs similar to the Android Pay app.
An android library to display a material-designed dialog with header.
MeterView is a simple android meter component. It can handle exceeding values also by redrawing the whole scale.
Customized and RoundedEditText.
Android library for progress component with coloured overlay. Don't forget to add "Mono.Android.Export" as reference.
Telegram and WhatsApp-like download progress indicator for Android
An Interactive Feedback Dialog for Android inspired from Google Maps Review section
Easy Video Player is a simple but powerful view that you can plugin to your apps to quickly get video playback working.
An Android library to make the map display process easier by entering latitude and longitude only.
Android Library to Add a ScrollableZoom to Image
Android library to easy change current locale without having to recreate the activity or restart the app
A simple Android's Floating Action Button that shows an anchored Navigation View and was inspired by Menu Material Fixed created by Tommaso Poletti
A simple Android's dialog to show fancy content. You need to add a reference to “Mono.Android.Export.dll”
Custom ViewPager that provides some custom and usefull functionalities, such as, scalling scroll, alpha scroll and swipe to dismiss option.
Xamarin.Android Binding for Kotlin Full Reflection Library (org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-reflect). Note: This is an "EmbeddedReferenceJar". It will not generate any Android Callable Wrappers (ACW) and C# API.
Highly configurable, easily extendable deep zoom view for displaying huge images without loss of detail. Perfect for photo galleries, maps, building plans etc.
Xamarin.Android Binding for Paweł Zienowicz's AutoScrollViewPager (com.github.pzienowicz:androidx-auto-scroll-view-pager), an auto scroll ViewPager working with AndroidX libraries
Xamarin.Android Binding for Deepak Kumar's EasyVideoPicker, an EasyVideoPicker Library for Android
Xamarin.Android Binding for Seokwon Jeong's FishBun, an Android Multiple Image Picker
Xamarin.Android Binding for Shreyas Patil's Material NavigationView for Android. 📱 Android Library to implement Rich, Beautiful Material Navigation View for your project with Material Design Guidelines. Easy to use.