Top 20 NuGet android-library Packages

A Reliable, Flexible, Fast and Powerful download engine for Xamarin.Android
MagicProgressCircle & MagicProgressBar for Xamarin.Android
Instagram like animated button for taking photo or recording video for Xamarin.Android
Beautiful and material alert dialog to use in your Xamarin.Android app
Convert your TextView in ExpandableTextView with added options ReadMore/ReadLess.
Customizable circular progress indicator for Xamarin.Android
Xamarin.Android binding for Square Okio, a modern I/O API for Java
Implementation of GifDecoder that is more memory efficient to animate for Android devices.
A cache that uses a bounded amount of space on a filesystem. Based on Jake Wharton's tailored for Glide.
A set of annotations for configuring Glide.
Android Library to display ratings and other information in a beautiful badge!!
Periscope like HeartLayout for Android
Xamarin.Android Multi-Thread Downloader. For more help please read
A SQLite support for Karamunting.Android.LingoChamp.OkDownload
Handle the case of the internal of the percent between the current and the last is too large to smooth for the target progress widget or event others
A material style progress wheel that you can integrate into your Xamarin.Android app
Xamarin.Android Bindings for David Rawson's Spinner DatePicker, a styleable DatePicker for Android using the old spinner style (NumberPickers)
OkHttp URLConnection
Flexbox Layout for Xamarin.Android. FlexboxLayout is a library project which brings the similar capabilities of CSS Flexible Box Layout Module to Android.
TTFancyGifDialog makes your Android Dialog Fancy and more Beautiful. A library that makes normal Android Dialog to high level Dialog with many styling options and fully customizable. Make dialog from few lines of code.