Top 20 NuGet alexa Packages

Voice Model (Alexa and Google Assistant object models)
Build applications that can run both as an Alexa Skill and Google Action
A small library interpreting SkillFlow text into a strongly typed model
A small library that enables output based on SkillFlow models
Small library that adds the core extensions to the object model
A simple package built to work with Alexa Timers
A simple .NET Core library for handling Alexa skills using the Customer and Person Profile APIs
Extension for Alexa.NET that supports Alexa Conversation requests
A small library to allow Alexa.NET skills to interact with the Alexa Web Api for Games
SEO statistics library
Alexa Skill .Net Sdk. Contains object model for . Authentication logic according to
Skills Kit for .NET Core is a library that can be used when working with Amazon Lambda templates becuase it requires .NET Core 1.0.
Fluent-ish SSML Generator
Amazon Echo SDK.
JamesQMurphy.AlexaSkill is a set of classes that help you write Alexa skills for the Amazon Echo. JamesQMurphy.AlexaSkill works best with NancyFx ( but can be used in any .NET-based application.
A simple .NET sdk for Alexa, supports Conversations
Runtime package contains generic components and implementations of the ASK SDK for .Net Core.
Small library containing the object model representing the SkillFlow story syntax
Small library that converts SkillFlow files into cs projects