Top 20 NuGet alexa Packages

A collection of utilities made for Alexa Skills SDK for .NET (
Azure WebJobs package that contains the binding components for ASK SDK and .Net Core.
A small library to help build SkillRequests used for testing Alexa Skills
Small library to help with the Alexa ProactiveEvents API
Voice Model (Alexa and Google Assistant object models)
Build applications that can run both as an Alexa Skill and Google Action
Model SDK package that contains the model implementations of ASK SDK for .Net Core.
A simple .NET sdk for Alexa, supports APL
Small helper library for Alexa.NET based skills to access the reminders API
This helps programming Alexa Skill using C#. If your skill created by C# wants to access AWS DynamoDB, this library helps you set(or get) value to(from) DynamoDB.
Add Alexa.NET.Security to your ASP.NET Core 2.0 request pipeline to validate requests from the Amazon Alexa services.
This is a helper library to verify /authenticate requests from Amazon Alexa to a selfhosted .NET backend
.NET library that simplifies Alexa skills development; same object model as Amazon's AlexaSkillsKit for Java
Runtime package contains generic components and implementations of the ASK SDK for .Net Core.
A .NET library to intuitively implement Alexa skills.
Alexa SDK (alexa-sdk) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Compiled static object model of Amazon Alexa Request/Response specification. For more information:
A framework to develop GitHub WebHook receiver hosted in AWS Lambda.
A simple .NET Core library for handling Alexa Smart Home Requests.
Alexa Voice Service (alexa-voice-service) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.