Top 20 NuGet aggregation Packages

orb is a pivot grid javascript library. Its main features are: Interactivity: - Fields drag'n'drop, click to sort, visual filters, drill down (cell double click), multiple data fields support, grand totals and sub totals (expanded/collapsed), fast rendering using React Customization: - Data headers ...
SQL Server adaptor for Graphene. SQL Server DB Generation Scripts:
A Mongo Query connector for Graphene, a scaleable and easy to use BI framework writing in C#. Graphene can be used to track various Metrics similar to Graphite. It pre-aggregates the data and uses a document store (like MongoDB/RavenDB).
Event aggregation (Pub-Sub) library for Xamarin and .NET applications. This is basically the MvvmCross Messenger plugin without the MvvmCross part
High Performance StatsD Client (repackaged with strong name). Supports client-side metric aggregation and multiple metrics per UDP packet. Completely thread-safe. is an event tracking platform that provides complete visibility across the entire stack in real time.