Top 20 NuGet aggregate Packages

ei8 Data Aggregate Common
ei8 Data Aggregate Client
$ dotnet new -i Genocs.CleanArchitecture:0.1.0 $ dotnet new cleanarchitecture It generates a .NET Solution following the Clean Architecture Style, DDD and Separation of Concerns in Domain, Application, Infrastructure and UI.
基于 SqlServer 的聚合根快照存储实现
基于 MySQL 的聚合根快照存储实现
$ dotnet new -i Genocs.MicroserviceTemplate::0.1.0 $ dotnet new microservice It generates a .NET Solution with full fledged microservice components.
基于 Redis 的聚合根快照存储实现
Strenua Domain provides a set of base classes to implement DDD with or without Event Sourcing in your project.