Top 20 NuGet ado Packages

Bundle with libraries to facilitate use of ADO.Net and its most commonly used classes such as DBConnection, DBCommand and DataReader
Zipkin instrumentation for ADO queries in .NET based on the library ( It allows to automatically log every database query in to Zipkin.
F# type providers to support statically typed access to input parameters and result set of sql statement in idiomatic F# way. Data modifications via statically typed tables.
The purpose of this library is the CRUD operations on the mssql server and also to work with a clean architecture. This library was developed with .NET standard.
Generic ADO.NET helper library to connect to a relational database system using a given providers ADO.NET driver. Driver can be in Global Assembly Cache or referenced as a nuget package.
Ermöglicht die Historisierung der Daten auf Zeilenbasis
Minimalistic API allows developer to most easily perform operations with database. By default, library automatically manages DbConnection, DbTransaction, DbCommand and DbDataReader objects. Developer only writes queries.
Library of concrete components to implement data access with Dapper.
Simple abstraction library to implement data access.
ADO.NET Modernizer
ADO.NET utilities
A Portable (PCL), Opinionated .NET ORM with multi-database support. Current DB Support includes SqlServer (=> 2012) and Sqlite. This library gives you the ability to create a portable repository and deploy it against any ADO database across multiple platforms Including Windows, Android, and iOS. Cur...
Helpers for execute ADO Queries
Helpers for execute ADO Queries
A simplistic ADO.NET wrapper.
Formatters for ADO.NET objects (DataSet, DataTable, DataRow, DataColumn)
DatabaseTowel.Net helps keep your ADO.Net code DRY and testable.
Simple, Felxibel ADO Wrapper
Xamarin embedded database, requires zero configuration, supports standard ANSI SQL 89 and 92. In-memory database and on disk database file with ability to create multiple database schema files either in memory or on disk. See Android example project on website for code examples and a...
An embedded database using single .dll, which requires zero configuration, supports standard ANSI SQL 89 and 92. It is reliable, fast and free, works with both on disk and in-memory database engines. In memory engine can be created on memory stream. UTF 8 based encoding complete globallization, work...