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Extends ADONetHelper library to DB2
Simple ADO is a .NET Standard package (previously would have been a Portable Class Library - PCL) that provides simple ADO-style operations for local databases - e.g. SimpleAdo.Sqlite supports local SQLite databases. It has DbConnection, DbCommand and DbDataReader functionality for executing standa...
Helper class for ADO.NET
Sqlite provider for DbSession.
Sqlite provider for Storm.
Super-Tiny ORM framework.
Sqlite provider for DbSession.
PocoData.Sql is a MS SQL implementation of the PocoData micro ORM. Because sometimes you need simpler, lighter data access methods.
Core functionality API objects for ADONetHelper based libraries
Recordset.Net is a .NET library that converts .NET POCOs to ADODB.Recordsets. See the project site for code examples!
An ADO.Net Provider for OpenLink Virtuoso.
[FX4.0] Helps you using the legacy ADO.NET abstract factory classes in a very simple way. Please use AdoHelper class to begin. Any question:
CrmAdo is an ADO.Net data provider for Dynamics Crm. It hides from you the complexities of using the IOrganisation web service, and instead exposes Dynamics Crm to you as if it was an ordinary SQL database / data source. It allows you to use the familiar ADO.Net model to connect to, and perform quer...
Contains the common object to use for KuboEstudio.EF.Data and KuboEstudio.EF.Azure.
DotNet.Core database connector for MSSQL with ADO.
Simplify working with raw SQL via ADO.NET
The ExcelProvider loads an Excel worksheet or CSV file and provides column definition and row collections. All collections are IEnumerable so you can query them with LINQ. The ExcelProvider supports XLSX (Excel 2007-2016, v12-v16), XLS (Excel 97-2003, v8-v11) and CSV (comma, semicolumn or tab delimi...
Minimalistic API allows developer to most easily perform operations with database. By default, library automatically manages DbConnection, DbTransaction, DbCommand and DbDataReader objects. Developer only writes queries.
Extends ADONetHelper library to Oracle
Componente repositorio ADO .NET