Top 20 NuGet XrmToolbox Packages

Manage your webresources easily
Allows updating, importing and exporting of option sets in all installed languages.
Plugin for XrmToolbox that allows to transfer Personal Views, Personal Charts and Personal Dashboards between environments including charings
Browse metadata from your Dynamics CRM organization
Generates Early Bound Entities/Option Sets/Actions. Uses CrmSvcUtil from the SDK, and shows command line used to create the classes.
An XrmToolBox plugin to manage the Auto Number features introduced for Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9.0 Read more:
XrmToolbox plugin to update a local folder to CRM when a file changes
Edit the Dynamics CRM Ribbon or Command Bar from inside the XrmToolbox
Checks Dependencies in an xRM solution to the target environment
Identifies which Dynamics 365 users are compliant to the Team Members use Rights
Adds recommended isolation/accelerator projects for use with the DLaB.Xrm and XrmUnitTest framework to your Visual Studio solution.
FetchXML Builder is used to create queries against CDS databases. CDS includes technologies we know as: - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement - Dynamics CRM - Common Data Service for Apps - XRM - PowerApps (Model Driven) - PowerApps (Canvas connected to D365 or CDS) - PowerBI (connected to D3...
Search data in PrincipalObjectAccess (POA), to see which entity records are shared with who, allowing what kind of access
This plugin retrieves available and used license details from office 365. You need to have an access to read license details.
Transfer solutions across organizations
An XrmToolBox plugin that can be used to generate the XRM form model for xrm-mock test framework.
1. Retrieve Solutions 2. Make a Copy of Solution 3. Delete Solution 4. Export Solution to folder 5. Export Solution list to excel (This option not supported in plugin download from XrmToolBox, go to project URL to download that plugin with this option) 6. Publish All Customization.
Deduplicator helps you find duplicated records in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE / CRM with ability to overcome CRM limitations.
Universal Search tool will allow you to search all entities in Dynamics 365 for a specific value or perform a wildcard search against all or specific entities in Dynamics 365
Reset Default Dashboard to 'None' for UCI Apps. Currently, if a User sets a dashboard in UCI to default via the 'set as default' button, they cannot reset this value back to none - not even via Web Client. This plugin helps to re-set users default dashboards to none