Top 20 NuGet xrmtoolbox Packages

Generates Early Bound Entities/Option Sets/Actions. Uses CrmSvcUtil from the SDK, and shows command line used to create the classes.
List all client events defined in Dynamics CRM/365 organization
FetchXML Builder is used to create and execute queries against CDS and Dynamics 365/CRM data. CDS includes technologies we know as: - Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Dynamics CRM - Common Data Service (CDS) - XRM - Power Apps (Model Driven) - Power Apps (Canvas connected to D365 or CDS) - PowerBI (connecte...
Deduplicator helps you find duplicated records in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE / CRM with ability to overcome CRM limitations.
Douplicates portal by createing exact copy of Configuration Migration tool data file. References are respected.
Copy Web Files from source portal to target portal with option to reverse. Sync Site Settings one way.
Copies attachments from crm source to crm target environment based on Configuration Migration package data file
Manage your webresources easily
Investigate the Plug-in Trace Log with easy filtering and display possibilities
A tool to manage the Auto Number features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Common Data Service (CDS) Read more:
This tool will allow you to reassign, copy, delete, personal views, charts and dashboards from one user to another. This is really useful when someone left a company and forgot to migrate his own views; charts, dashboards to somebody else.
Create Power Query (M) scripts for Dynamics 365 and Power BI
Search Workflows, Dialogs, Business Process Flows, Actions, and Business Rules using In Memory Data and an excell like grid with it's own search features. • Search processes for Entities that are updated, created, assigned, status changed by a process • Search processes for Properties that are updat...
Identifies differences in Portal configurations between two Dynamics 365 Instances
This tool allows you to set an active business process flow stage for records in bulk. Use this after a data import, or simply to switch stages from an old BPF into a new one.
Generate constant classes from metadata for late bound development on Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM.
This XrmToolBox plugin will scan your environment and Validates your Javascript/HTML Webresources if they are compatible with Dynamics CRM 365 V9.
Here you can find all Dynamics CRM/365 schema validation Xsd
Update MS Dynamics CRM Data using CSV files
Portal Webform Clone tool to create Copy of webform with different modes