Top 20 NuGet xrmtoolbox Packages

Easily export records from the selected view/fetchxml to Excel.
View CRM Users, their audit activity and find users who last logged-in
Deduplicator helps you find duplicated records in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE / CRM with ability to overcome CRM limitations.
This plugin will help you to do some basic tasks related to MS CRM Solutions. You can do Patch/Merge/Update/Delete Patches/Copy/Publish All Solution across environments.
Using this tool you can view Background/Real-time Processes & Plug-in Trace Logs by records/by dates. Double clicking the record/column will open relevent CRM forms also double clicking the column (long messages) will open up a pop-up view with full details. You can even export the results in .csv f...
Transfer solutions across organizations
XrmToolbox plugin to help you transfer entity records between different environments.
Tool for efficiently managing User's security in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement
Check your naming best practices are respected
Toggles MS Teams Integration for entities.
Transfer solution components across solutions
Manage your webresources easily
Browse metadata from your Dynamics CRM organization
Manage users personal settings in bulk
Manage filters for offline, Outlook and server side synchronizations
Edit code attributes of Microsoft Portals records
Export/Import Dynamics 365 portal records
Easily create, build and deployment solution for your custom control using PCF.
Create a new jscript file to track client insights by integrating it with Azure Application Insights. Bulk update all the required forms with the App Insights jscript.
Generates Early Bound Entities. Uses CrmSvcUtil from the SDK which can be downloaded from any NuGet source (even local directory for isolated environments).