Top 20 NuGet xml Packages

Command line tool that post processes XML documentation files to support an <inheritdoc /> tag allowing inheriting XML comments from base types, interfaces, and similar methods. Works with .NET Framework, .NET Standard, and .NET Core projects. See the separate InheritDocLib NuGet package for a progr...
JsonFx serialization framework
This package contains NUnit 2.x Constraints to be used with XMLUnit.NET's core. XMLUnit provides you with the tools to verify the XML you emit is the one you want to create. It provides helpers to validate against an XML Schema, assert the values of XPath queries or compare XML documents aga...
Contains tools for simple XML validation using embedded XML schemas and transformation using embedded XSL transformations.
ByteScout Text Recognition SDK for .NET, and ActiveX/COM - recognizes text from scanned documents using OCR (Optical Character Recognition).
A class library that generates Markdown from .NET XML documentation comments.
Library for json-, package- and xml-transformation.
Read data from strings in XML/JSON/YAML/CSV formats into a tree structure. Create data nodes manually and serialize it back to those formats.
Scalable PDF creation using the XSL Formatting Object standard
Simple Markdown documentation generator
The xml serializer for Zaaby.RabbitMQ base by Xml
Contains script extensions for parsing XML.
JSON/XML/etc object serialization
The Bold Reports data extensions by Syncfusion is a server-side helper package to connect with web data sources such as RESTful Services, OData JSON, and XML. This helper package supports to connect these data sources in Report Designer and Report Viewer controls with ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET, ASP.NET...
Provides access to the reporting tool List & Label. Please note that a List & Label installation is required.
WebMarkupMin.AspNet.Common is auxiliary package, that contains classes and interfaces for all ASP.NET extensions.
Aspose.PDF Cloud is a REST API for creating and editing PDF files. It can also be used to convert PDF files to different formats like DOC, HTML, XPS, TIFF and many more. Aspose.PDF Cloud gives you control: create PDFs from scratch or from HTML, XML, template, database, XPS or an image. Render PDFs t...
cloudscribe.Syndication Class Library
YAXLib is an XML Serialization library which allows the programmer to structure freely the XML result, choose the fields to serialize (public, or non-public properties, or member variables), serialize all known generic and non-generic collections, serialize different kinds of arrays (single-dimensio...
Allows for configuration based XML transformations at build time.