Top 20 NuGet write Packages

Write colorful messages to the console using simple to use syntax
A fast way to read and write to Excel *.xlsx files without using the Open XML library.
ByteScout Spreadsheet SDK for .NET, ASP.NET, ActiveX/COM - create and modify Excel files
Useful set of extensions and classes for simplifying and optimizing read-write synchronization. Part of the "Open" set of libraries.
A library for implementing the Command Pattern, providing of a set of base classes and an invoker class. Useful for abstracting data access and API calls as either queries (for read operations) or commands (for write operations).
Fixed Width Parser Writer for reading and writing flat data (files) with defined field position in line or file (relative height).
Class library that provides classes for usage in multi-threaded asynchronous environments providing multiple-read/single-write capabilities.
Helper class for generating code concisely.
A set of tools and "controls" for the .net Console. It contains: List Input/Output Controls, Text Input/Output Controls, Progress Bar, Spinner, Data Table, Prompter, Menus, etc.
ExpressSettingsCore is the .NET Core implementatio of Express Settings. Express settings allows you quick prototyping of applications that relies on fetching configurations from settings file. Express settings is seamless to integrate and requires mearly 1 line to read or write settings. It creates ...
Write bihind and read through cache for View Store. It can be used as a decorator for any View Store implementation (e.g. MongoDb View Store).
Write bihind cache for View Store. It can be used as a decorator for any View Store implementation (e.g. MongoDb View Store).
Easy read and write in your DB Simple to use: only 2 lines of code to read and write in SqlServer table! DataManager DM = new DataManager("dbname", "catalog", "username", "password"); DataTable res = DM.getAllRecords Datatable ("table to read"); Thats all! More here htt...
Library to read and write configuration files
A Process Memory reader and writer for .NET
a Lightweight library for writing HDF5 datasets
Library made to easily interact with local or remote process (memory, thread etc...)
Multi-threaded data recording, almost without synchronization
A library extending Magneto with implementations of ICacheStore backed by implementations from Microsoft.Extensions.Caching.
A data access library for .NET combining the mediator pattern and the query object pattern, with caching, async and easy mocking of queries and commands.