Top 20 NuGet unittest Packages

A .NET unit test runner for the console/terminal.
Provides a HttpClient that can be used in unit-tests. HttpClientMock allows to setup a HttpClient instance which returns a predefined response.
Extension methods for setupping mock values of Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.IConfiguration.
Create objects for testing purpose in a fluent and easy way.
IIS Express unit test kit for
Method Chaining base UnitTesting Extensions for MSTest V2
Method Chaining base UnitTesting Extensions for 2.2+
This package includes a helper for Nsubstitute. This is developed based on our teams need and we will add to it as we continue using NSubstitute.
Common code for all SignalR.UnitTestingSupport.* nugets . If you want support for unit testing signalR core (Hub and IHubContext) use one of this packages (NUnit, xUnit, MsTest version):,
EasyMoq is a lightweight library for minimizing the mocking overhead of writing of tests.
When writing unit tests for any code that uses dependency injection, and when using a mocking framework, we need to declare and inject any dependency we have. This is repetitive and boring code to write, especially on classes with many dependencies. AutoMock solves this by creating mocks/stubs on th...
Serilog.Sinks.ListOfString logs to a list of string so you can test your logging : ``` var log= new List<String>(); var testLogger= new LoggerConfiguration().WriteTo.StringList(log).CreateLogger(); ...tests... log.ShouldContain( x=>x.Matches("kilroy was here") ); ``` This is for Serilog. For Mic...
Speed up your unit test writing by using this helper that leverages AutoMocker to automatically mock dependencies.
Automocking container using Microsoft Unity and Moq.
Method Chaining base UnitTesting Extension Methods and Dynamic Private Accessor for NUnit.
MySql standalone server for C# unit tests. Use this package to run unit tests locally without spending time setting up a MySql server.
Unit test helpers providing alternate syntax for testing with Moq
Yet another embedded resource loader, but this one does it using attributes!
A minimalistic .NET library for testing with mocks.
google test developer package of Google Test version 1.10.0