Top 20 NuGet unittest Packages

Collection of test tools and libraries. Collection of test tools and references to other packages and libraries that I use for my test cases.
.NET Unit test helpers for asserting that exceptions were / weren't thrown, and for "scenario tests".
Ludicrously lightweight dependency wrapper/provider to improve testability of classes that use dependencies that aren't easily mockable (e.g. System.DateTime).
The Unit Test Library provides a unit test framework.
.NET Unit test helpers for validation with DataAnnotations
The Unit Test Library provides a unit test framework.
XUnit extensions in order to have new attributes. The attributes depending how you use them can be fully discoverable or more simple and not fully displayed in your test explorer. - Theory + FileData: Load the file content as string - Theory + JsonFileData: Load the JSON file into a typed object - ...
A .NET library for writing easy-to-read tests with MSTest.
Moq extension methods and syntax helpers used by SparkyTestHelpers.Moq and SparkyTestHelpers.Moq.Fluent
TestFactory is a utility which helps composing and orchestrating test runs. TestFactory allows to create collections of test steps and guarantees that test steps run in a specific order. The result of a test run is summarized in a test summary.
Don't spend hours writing code to mock a dozen dependencies, and more hours debugging it. Just write your test code, and let FixtureBase create the dependencies for you. FixtureBase constructs your UnitUnderTest to test your codebase end-to-end, with external dependencies auto-faked and automatical...
Alternate Test Agent to Run Tests
Mocklis is a library and source code generator for .net, targeted at generating test doubles from interfaces. This is a meta-package referencing both the library and the code generator.
Contains CDS Unit Testing Library
A fluent assertions library that performs full coverage on enumerable types.
Extensions for VisualStudio UnitTest's Assert class to simplify e.g. testing of view models.
Alternate Test Agent to Run Tests
Simple http stub server for unit test.
Features that depend on Xunit.
Helpers for unit testing applications.