Top 20 NuGet umbraco Packages

This package adds a Slack Health Check Notification Method to Umbraco
Small package introducing a feedback module for Umbraco 7.
A property editor for toggling the display state of Nested Content items
Provides some tools to use with Umbraco.
An Umbraco Backoffice Healthcheck for successful Flexible Load Balancing configuration, the check reports the UmbracoApplicationUrl for a server and how it has been derived, and checks correct configuration settings for Flexible Load Balancing to work on the version of Umbraco it is installed on. Us...
Automates product migrations using the Umbraco migration system. Migrations can be added to the code base and they will be automatically applied the next time Umbraco is started.
Archetype for Umbraco
A library for easy setup of IoC/Dependency injection for Umbraco
Manage large datasets in Umbraco.
H-tag editor is a simple grid editor that lets the editor pick a desired heading size (H1 down to H6) and the text-alignment (left, center or right).
Umbraco package that helps you test package migrations without having to install a complete package over and over again. Simply install this package. Select the package name from an overview select the migration you want to test and use up/down to test the migrations.
Automatically tags and categorises media in umbraco using Vision API
Koben.ReferenceFinder is a library for finding all the places a content or media item has been used as a property value.
A Content App for Umbraco which lets your editors apply filters to images in the backoffice
An OCR Content App for Umbraco which gives you an OCR tab to read text from an image. This uses Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services.
Lucene-based Full-text Search Indexing for Umbraco websites.
This package contains all the NuGet packages for Uintra. All the different packages can be accessed here and possibly changed by a developer.
Mentor Web Blocks adds drag and drop website building functionality for content editors, and excellent code encapsulation for developers. For Developers The Web Blocks system has been developed to encapsulate code for each block in a re-usable and loosely coupled way. Blocks can now makes use of P...
A generic content api for the Umbraco platform. The nuget comes with a standard set of "property converters" but this converters can be overridden and handled differently to suit your needs (make usage of CDN for example)
Google Map Provider for Terratype, an Umbraco map datatype