NuGet Package God Mode for Umbraco 7.6 or higher

Diplo God Mode makes Umbraco 7 developers invincible! This custom tree in the Developer section of Umbraco allows you to browse, query and search your document types and compositions; your templates and partials; your datatypes and property editors; your media library; your custom controllers and models.
For instance, you can:
* Easily see which document types inherit from any of your compositions
* See which document types use which property editor or data type instance
* See which partials are used by all your templates
* Find out which data types are being used (or not)
* Browse all media in the Media Library and sort it by file type, size or media type
* Browse all your content in an easy-to-filter flat table
* View all Umbraco members and filter them by assigned group
* See content usage statistics by Content Type
* See which controllers (Surface, API and RenderMvc) are being used and in what namespaces and DLLs
* View all generated models (that inherit from PublishedContentModel)
* Browse all Umbraco and server settings (including registered servers and migration history)
* Look at all interfaces in assemblies
* Clear the various Umbraco caches and even restart the app pool
* Warm up the compilation of all views in a single bound..

erm, click
* Plus lots more.


Version: 1.5.1
Author(s): Dan Booth
Last Update: Wednesday, August 8, 2018
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Install-Package Diplo.GodMode
dotnet add package Diplo.GodMode
paket add Diplo.GodMode
Diplo.GodMode Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)

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