Top 20 NuGet tracing Packages

This is a Logger package build with .Net core 3.0, 2.2 and .net 4.7. It supports multiple targets as well as a number of logging levels. The class is implemented as a singleton. It is thread safe and optimized to not use locks.
Recommended Google client library to access the Google Cloud Trace API, which sends and retrieves trace data from Google Cloud Trace. Data is generated and available by default for all App Engine applications. Data from other applications can be written to Cloud Trace for display, reporting, and ana...
Package Description
Adds OpenTracing instrumentation for .NET Core apps that use the `Microsoft.Extensions.*` stack. Instrumented components: HttpClient calls, ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core and any other library that uses DiagnosticSource events.
KissLog package. Contains all the necessary components used for logging. Install this package on all the projects.
Provides abstractions for the Thor core.
Provides abstractions for the transmission pipeline.
Provides abstractions for the session.
Enables ASP.NET Web API tracing using System.Diagnostics.
Tracing.NET - A simple Logger/Tracer abstraction
The Logging Application Block simplifies logging to various destinations (file, database, event log, MSMQ etc.) and tracing.
Stackdriver .NET Exporter for OpenCensus.
An provider for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging
Zipkin exporter for OpenCensus
Owin middleware for zipkin4net
OpenCensus collector for Redis calls made by StackExchange.Redis library.
Tag helpers to help integrate client-side logging into ASP.NET Core.
This package provides support for sending metrics, histograms and opentracing spans to Wavefront via proxy or direct ingestion.
A health check publisher for
Steeltoe Management OpenCensus