Top 20 NuGet tracing Packages

OpenCensus .NET API
OpenTracing compliant tracer for LightStep.
A Asp.Net Core client for Butterfly.
A .NET client for Butterfly.
ObjectDumper is a utility which aims to serialize C# objects to string for debugging and logging purposes.
PostSharp.Patterns.Diagnostics: support for Gibraltar Loupe.
PostSharp.Patterns.Diagnostics: support for Serilog.
PostSharp.Patterns.Diagnostics: support for Trace, TraceSource and EventSource.
A simple http tracing library to write request and response information to your output window. Making your life easier when debugging http calls!
This library is a .NET implementation of the OpenTracing API. To fully understand this platform API, it's helpful to be familiar with the OpenTracing project and terminology more generally. For the time being, mild backwards-incompatible changes may be made without changing the major version number...
PostSharp.Patterns.Diagnostics: support for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.
EFCore.Toolkit is a library which provides implementations for EntityFrameworkCore best practices, patterns, utilities and extensions.
Provides an ETW EventSource Tracing build on .Net Standard 2.0.
Provides a transmitter for Azure EventHub.
Provides a transmitter for Azure BLOB Storage.
Reference implementation of OpenTracing API
The highest performing, most powerful, most flexible and easiest to use logging framework available. Features: Binary Attachment Logging, Real Time Monitoring with Log4View or Chainsaw, Many Target Types, Flexible Configuration, Log Viewer, Config Editor, and much more.
Provides HTTP logger build on .Net Standard 2.0.
Provides a tracing session for ETW.
Provides tracing capabilities for AspNet core 2.0 and higher.