Top 20 NuGet tool Packages

Ghpr.Core: Core package for test run reporter (NUnit, SpecFlow, MSTest, MSTestV2)
Ghpr.LocalFileSystem: Data provider package to work with local files
Easy-to-use test run reporter for SpecFlow
Easy-to-use test run reporter for SpecFlow and NUnit 3 unit test provider
Reporter console app
Easy-usage, Git-based, auto-generate version informations toolset.
Microsoft Xbox Live Developer Tooling API
Tool for DynamicsCrm.DevKit tool
Toolkit With More Powerful Functionalities For PDF Rasterization, PDF Redaction, PDF Data Extraction, PDF Printing, & Much More.
BizBlocks AspNetCore Framework
A .NET global tool that outputs system information.
A .NET global tool to create, import and export CSVZ files.
.net standard http request manager based on HttpClient
Utility to cycle messages in text files, useful for OBS Streaming
A rating gateway which takes care of when to prompt the user to review your Xamarin application, by evaluating through a set of defined conditions each time a rating action is triggered by the user.
dotnet base tool package
This utility application helps you do things with containers and table storage that az simply doesn't support, such as renaming Partition Keys or listing all containers by name. We'll add additional functionality as requested, so stay tuned!
.NET CLI Tool that prints the command-line arguments it receives, to help debug scripts and apps.
A dotnet tool to execute BenchmarkDotNet benchmarks
.NET Core Common Helpers. Many helpers such as: CmdHelper, Log4NetHelper, TypeHelper and JwtHelper and so on.