Top 20 NuGet tool Packages

An XrmToolBox plugin that can be used to generate Early-bound code from a CRM Schema using a customisable T4 Template. Features: + Preserved the original CrmSvcUtil structure and logic. + Customize the way the code is generated. -- You get a default T4 template for the code ...
An XrmToolBox plugin that can be used to generate the XRM form model for xrm-mock test framework.
A tool for MonoGame that automatically handles adding assets to the Content Pipeline project
dotnet compression/decompression tool
.NET tool for putting database under version control. Install globally or as development dependency to one of your projects, then run as "devdb reset ..." Check out GitHub for more docs and usage examples.
A simple strongly typed C# GraphQL client generator console app
Package Description
A dotnet tool that automatically versions csproj files semantically with git integration.
RPN.Tool is a RPN Evaluator based on RPN.Net
Scriptable update package tool
json2yaml is .NET global tool for converting json to yaml
The official .NET command line tool for the Curiosity Search engine (
ring! service launcher and monitor
This dotnet tool encapsulates project generation for TypeScript Blazor Interop proxy abstraction.
The power of XAML Styler wrapped up in a small executable that can be integrated into build scripts, git commit templates, and more. This package is built on top of the same styling engine that powers the Visual Studio plugin, and can be configured by specifying an external configuration.
Easy-to-use test run reporter for NUnit 3 (NUnit extension for both NUnit.Console and NUnit.Engine)
A Tool™ to automate build, pack, and push of multi-target .net based nuget packages.
Common code for Ghpr.SpecFlow plugins
Easy-to-use test run reporter for MSTestV2 (testfx)
kalk is a command line calculator app for developers.