Top 20 NuGet text Packages

Converting text files or csv-files to a System.Data.DataSet based on regular expressions
Create dummy text or names reminding real ones. This library works by analyzing real texts , and can be used to geneate texts in various languages (or, rather, code pages - it does not generate real words).
Number To Text Converter Money To Text Converter Supported Languages: English, French, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian. Supported Currencies: EUR, USD, RUB, TRY, UAH Number Limit: 1 trillion
A set of server controls (ImageDraw, ImageDrawButton, and ImageDrawMap) which generate real time on-fly Dynamic Composite Images for ASP.NET. Deliver real time dynamically generated composite images such as picture thumbnails, image buttons, image maps or any other graphical application. Main Featur...
A simple text manipulation library.
Glass & Sitecore 6.6 extensions for Lucinq 2.9
Cute Editor for ASP.NET is by far the fastest, easiest, most powerful WYSIWYG HTML Editor for ASP.NET. It's also available for PHP and ASP. It enables ASP.NET Web developers to replace any textbox with an intuitive Word-like WYSIWYG html editor. It empowers business users to make content updates e...
Client API for Dragonfly web services. Requires a free account to be set up at
Automatically transforms on build all files with a build action of `None/Content` that have the `TextTemplatingFileGenerator` custom tools associated, without requiring the installation of any Visual Studio SDK.
Linear-progressive text discovery engine exposing functionality through simple service APIs. Break plain text into a sequence of slices which can be reconstituted as annotated text. Generate meta-rich tokens from a search expression to then be used to annotate source text matches; noise-word detect...
TextDiscovery AngleSharp implementations of IDomInterpreter, IDomNodeFactory, and IHtmlConverter. Enables the following capabilities: mark search hits in the DOM, create HTML excerpts at a given word count with configurable element-breaking rules, and more.
.NET port and adaptation of libots. The open text summarizer is an open source tool for summarizing texts. The program reads a text and decides which sentences are important and which are not. OTS will create a short summary or will highlight the main ideas in the text.
EVO PDF to Text Converter allows you to extract the text from a PDF document and to search text in PDF documents. The integration with existing .NET applications is extremely easy and no installation is necessary in order to run the converter. The downloaded archive contains the assembly for .NET an...
Classification module for the Lucene.Net full-text search engine library from The Apache Software Foundation.
Analyzer for indexing Polish for the Lucene.Net full-text search engine library from The Apache Software Foundation.
Analyzer for indexing phonetic signatures (for sounds-alike search) for the Lucene.Net full-text search engine library from The Apache Software Foundation.
Allows generating glyphs for text and a font for manipulation using SixLabors.Shapes
Higher layer for imbACE (Advanced Console Environment) application: Text User Interface (TUI), plugin support
A .NET Standard library with functionality for comparing text and flat files (using DiffPlex).
Simple text templating engine