Top 20 NuGet t4 Packages

EasyMoq is a small and free mocking framework for any kind of project. It is built as a portable class library and uses T4-templating to generate mocks. This makes it a perfect choice for mocking on WP- or WinRT-platform, since there is a lack of dynamic proxy creation.
SwissKnife.T4.AppSettings is generates strongly typed AppSettings class.
oMapGen is a T4 template that automatically generates on convention basis C# mapping extension methods between two objects with a similar structure, identical property names and compatible types.
T4Include Templates is a set of reusable T4 templates intended to accelerate development as well as reducing maintenance cost. For samples on how to use them see the nuget package T4IncludeTemplateSamples.
N-Tier Entity Framework WCF RIA Services base library and T4 code generation templates.
T4 code generation templates for N-Tier Entity Framework.
Merges multiple html files & JavaScript references into one single Html page based on a custom layout for use with JQuery Mobile + PhoneGap
Generate data transfer object (DTO) classes from simple T4 templates. Reduce amount of boilerplate code you need to write. Let Visual Studio's T4 templating engine do the work for you.
XmlObjectMapper - XML Data Binding Framework
This package improves T4 experience
Forked from T4TS project to have support for Ignore=true member attributes. You can now tag members with [TypeScriptMember(Ignore=true)]
T4 helper files to generate business objects with mapping dictionary and validation logic. Born of
T4 helper files to generate webapi odata controllers from an EF Context elsewhere in the solution. Born of
This T4 template was based on the orginal work of J Wynia from his blog post at
Generates POCO templates based on the original template generator provided by PetaPoco
Builds TypeScripts DataModels which map to EF code-first data models. Just point the application at your namespace, and it generates them all. It omits KeyAttribute and Timestamp properties from the class, but keeps them so you can call toJS or update(data) to update your model with the server. ...
T4 Templates File List: DbHelper.ttinclude Manager.ttinclude
Multiple enumeration generation based on lookup tables
TDS T4 templates for generating template classes for the Sitecore ItemBinding Framework
Adds T4 templates used to generate trackable entity classes from a database using Entity Framework Power Tools or EF 6.x Tools for Visual Studio.