Top 20 NuGet t4 Packages

The shared library for Automaty - a .NET Core based code automation tool for .NET Core projects.
Template based code generation for .NET Core using the Razor SDK.
Annotations to use on your model project to generate view model templates with Jeuxjeux20.Mvvm.Templating
A powerful templating engine to add model properties to your view model.
T4 template for Javascript generation. Helps to get access from Javascript to constants and urls of your MVC actions. MvcActions.Home.Index("param1")
OpenRiaServices.Signed.T4 provides the CSharpClientCodeGenerator class, as well as many supporting classes, which can be used to override the existing code generation pattern for RIA Services.
Implements a type safe resource cs file generation. The generated properties are avaliable on a singleton instance. The properties generate INPC change notification when the culture changes.
T4 text transformation tool for dotnet CLI.
T4 templating engine for .NET Core.
TemplateFilemanager is based on the EntityFrameworkTemplateFileManager which supports code generation in different solutions and folders with CustomTool-/BuildAction-Definitions. Please report bugs or feature requests on github:
Awesome Property Extractor, (APE), is a framework for extracting property values in a generic and simple way, primarily from umbraco and affiliated libraries.
T4 template generates database models from a database for use with Dapper.SimpleCRUD. Uses core .Net attributes so the generator could be used for other ORMs.
Open-source implementation of the T4 templating tool, TextTransform.exe
A base library for performing Data orientated tasks. Designed to be used in conjunction with code generated using the DHGMS Nucleotide library.
Repository Generator will generate an entire repository structure for you. All you need to supply a namespace which contains all your Entity Framework models and the will generate repositories for all your models, it will generate a generic repository providing you with basic ...
A MSBuild task that automatically runs Roslyn (csx) scripts before compilation as an alternative to T4.
ORM Mapper for Microsoft SQL Server
This T4 template that generates a static class to access your app.config and web.config settings.
T4 template to generate TypeScript interface definitions
T4 template to generate TypeScript interface definitions. This fork from the original package adds an ability to export enums to the .ts file.