Top 20 NuGet simpleinjector Packages

This enables compatibility between ErrorUnit and SimpleInjector
SimpleInjector implementation of the Shuttle.Core.Container dependency injection interfaces
Adds SimpleInjector support for WinFormsMVP.
An easy to use integration for SimpleInjector with Asp.Net Core
Dryv integration with ASP.NET MVC and SimpleInjector. Dryv provides complex model validation for server and client made easy. Write complex model validation rules in C# once. Dryv will generate JavaScript for client-side validation.
With EF.DbContextFactory you can resolve easily your DbContext dependencies in a safe way injecting a factory instead of an instance itself, enabling you to work in multi-thread contexts with Entity Framework or just work safest with DbContext following the Microsoft recommendations about the DbCont...
Topshelf.SimpleInjector provides extensions to construct your Topshelf service class from the SimpleInjector IoC container. This QuickStart package will quickly get you up and running with your WindowsService. Create a new Console Application project, install this package, make sure to...
Assign SimpleInjector to the BoC IOC abstraction layer
Simple Injector ASP.NET MVC "vHalfNext"-flavor Integration.
Bootstrap for Service Fabric OWIN Stateless Services
SimpleInjector Utility
MassiveDynamicProxyGenerator.SimpleInjector is library of extensions method for IoC container - Simple Injector. Adding methods for register mock implementations, proxys, instance proxies for resolving circular depndencies or lazy initialization and interpetion for decoration instances.
SimpleInjector extensions for Hexagonal Architecture application logic registration
Provides a reusable set of abstractions and classes for using the Microsoft Azure Mobile Client.
Simple Injector Implementation of the Axis.Proteus Ioc Registration and Resolution contract interfaces.
Abstractions for the simple Modularization Framework for SimpleInjector. Use this package in Module-implementing projects. Use TNVS.SimpleInjector.Modularization for the host project.
Provides dependency injection for Topshelf using SimpleInjector
Advanced registration methods for Simple Injector DI framework.
A flexible auto-registration module that extends Simple Injector Inversion of Control IoC container ( By default, this will register the basic types with simple registrations, including more complex generics. It also adds support for your IEnumerable<>, Lazy<>, and Fun...
SimpleInjector dependency injection library adapter for FluentDataAnnotations.Mvc