Top 20 NuGet silverlight Packages

This is a convenient Windows and Windows Phone multi-language API for making Internet connection state decisions in real time, using the speed result to decide if/when to run your network-intensive code. This API does not need to eat a bunch of network bandwidth to do it's job. This API fills a s...
A library for decoding MJPEG streams. Runs on .NET 3.5, Winows Phone 7.1, Windows Phone 8.0, and Silverlight 4.0.
Simple InversionOfControl implementation for multiple .NET platforms added as source-code.
Easy of use JSON library for .NET platforms. Provides reader, writer and ability to build mutable JSON data at runtime added as source-code.
Manipulable control for Silverlight
A replacement for the Grid in WPF/Silverlight
An open source transliteration library for .NET that can transliterate static texts and also can be used in "live" mode, which allows it to be connected with input fields. Supported platforms: NET 3.5, NET 4, NET 4.5, .NET Portable (.NET 4 / .NET 4.5, Silverlight 5, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8.1, Win...
Accengage SDK.
A set of useful and powerful collection classes.
Set of classes for easy and powerful implementation / use of INotifyPropertyChanged and INotifyCollectionChanged based objects.
Generates an ExtMap.xml file for a Silverlight project during build.
Library to call native Windows 10 Photo crop task if you are using a Windows Phone 8.1 Runtime / Silverlight app
Add Mono.Data to any Xamarin or Windows .NET app. Supports Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS, Windows 8, Windows Desktop and Windows Phone 8
Toggl Switch for WPF based applications, use this switch for highly customized WPF Applications.
some classes and wrappers to emulate deprecated interfaces in incompatible environments.
Visual Studio 2015 Unit Test Adapter for Silverlight 5 Plugin
Integration of Caliburn.Micro with Telerik's controls: conventions, IWindowManager implementation (TelerikWindowManager), extensions methods to IWindowManager: Alert, Confirm, Prompt. Target frameworks: Silverlight 5.0, WPF 4. Source code with sample projects available at http://gith...
"The WriteableBitmapEx library extensions." ** This is a repackage of the third party Wpf project for use with ThinkGeo's Map Suite product line. ** ** You should not need to reference this package directly, it will be a dependency of other ThinkGeo packages. ** The purpose of the repackage is to...