Top 20 NuGet shell Packages

A rich and elegant library for parameter-parsing that supports various syntaxes and flavors.
The sqlite3 command-line shell program.
Library for fast and easy creating console/shell-like .NET programs.
Another progress bar to console application
Console Shell for .Net
A WPF Shell/Window
Tool for converting cs (C#) source code snippets to vb (VB.NET) and vice versa.
AppShell provides a template to build UWA with a standard "hamburger" menu that is built upon SplitView control. This avoid you to write the same code or copy/paste the menu controls for each app while not sacrificing flexibility. AppShell was built starting from "XamlNavigation" sample project that...
Quake-style console allowing for in-game user input.
Quake-style console allowing for in-game user input.
Shell item related extension blocks
Library for building console menu. Allows to execute selected command with provided arguments.
GS.Host is designed to simplify an integration with windows services
Microsoft Windows Shell
Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Framework prelease
Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.15.0 prelease