Top 20 NuGet security Packages

SIMON and SPECK are families of lightweight block ciphers; those block ciphers are efficient and provide high performances across a wide range of devices. This package includes classes that allow you to encrypt and decrypt using native libraries that are using SIMD such as AVX2 or NEON.
- Generation and parsing of PKCS-12 files. - X.509: Generators and parsers for V1 and V3 certificates, V2 CRLs and attribute certificates. - PBE algorithms supported by PbeUtilities: PBEwithMD2andDES-CBC, PBEwithMD2andRC2-CBC, PBEwithMD5andDES-CBC, PBEwithMD5andRC2-CBC, PBEwithSHA1andDES-CBC, PBEw...
A database and TSQL checker
ADSPrev core framework security
tCell .Net Agent Profiler
Package Description
Provides easy config encryption using AES
Enables Configureoo to work with Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration
# Configureoo ## Building To build Configureoo, just open Configureoo.sln and hit build. ## What does it do? As the DevOps community move towards source control as the single source of truth for storing code, infrastructure and configuration some teams will face resistance due to security conc...
This is a common framework for all applications
.NET Standard 2.0 implementation of HMAC-based Extract-and-Expand Key Derivation Function, defined in RFC 5869
The mime detector for files (e.g. png, gif, jpeg, rtf, pdf, docx, zip, rar,...).
The mime type detector for files (e.g. png, gif, jpeg, rtf, pdf, docx, zip, rar,...).
Adding scaling factor option
Provides security and cryptographic services
Contains all subassemblies under the Nourco.Security namespace
it adds Owasp Recommended Headers