Top 20 NuGet scriptcs Packages

This provides a script pack to emulate Azure Functions on developers' local machine.
Write .Net apps with a text editor, NuGet, and the power of Roslyn!
ScriptCS Script Pack for Coderbits
Convenience methods for printing type member information to console. Intended to be used on the scriptcs REPL.
a script pack that exposes RavenDB to the ScriptCS engine. Uses RavenDB version 2.0.
ScriptCs script pack for Fluent Automation
A cross-platform http request script library. Using this script library you can write very simple declarative scripts for performing http requests without all the boilerplate code normally required for this. You can even define your own classes and they will automatically get ser...
ScriptCs wrapper for BuildCs
A ScriptCS scriptpack to support Dapper
A ScriptCs script pack for Rebus.
PVC plugin for Amazon S3
Micro library to help with building sets of file/directory paths
An extension to ScriptCs.Rebus for using RabbitMQ as transport mechanism.
An extension to ScriptCs.Rebus for using Azure Service Bus as transport mechanism.
Use Fixie to run tests with ScriptCs. You must run with the -debug flag. Ex: scriptcs MyScript.csx -debug
This provides an implementation of the Moq library for Script CS.
This provides an implementation of the FluentAssertions library for Script CS.