Top 20 NuGet roslyn Packages

Code Analyzers for projects using Marten.
Implements the StyleCopAnalyzers rule SA1413 as a stand-alone Roslyn analyzer.
Invio core CodeAnalysis rules and helpers for implementing them.
A script pack for ScriptCS that brings in the code analysis metrics.
Package Description
This is a temporary package aimed at resolving Nuget.Core issues in KPM until ASP.NET 5 goes out of beta3. ScriptCs.Hosting provides common services necessary for hosting scriptcs in your application.
System.Runtime Analyzers
Code Generator
The core engine for Scripty, a tool to let you use Roslyn-powered C# scripts for code generation.
An engine for searching patterns in the source code, based on Unified AST or UST. At present time C#, Java, PHP, PL/SQL, T-SQL, and JavaScript are supported. Patterns can be described within the code or using a DSL.
Interpreter for executing console commands using a Roslyn scripting API.
Interpreter for executing console commands using a Roslyn scripting API.
Text Analyzers
Wintellect Roslyn code analyzers and code fix providers for producing better code. See the GitHub project for the source. Have ideas for analyzers? Feel free to fork or let us know!
Roslinq is a Roslyn based component that enables queries over C# source code
A Roslyn-based code generator for BrightstarDB.
Embeds Visual Studio's editor and theming system in standalone projects.
Simple search engine for C# source files.
Rop Helper Library With Entity Framework Dependencies
Colorizes C#/VB code, including code fragments