Top 20 NuGet roslyn Packages

Contains a set of useful analyzers for C#. Requires at least VS2017. For a list of all the analyzers see
Analyzers for .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") - Validations of Composite Format String at compile-time. - Quick-fixes for Composite Format Strings. Requirement: - Vistual Studio 2015+ - .Net Framework 4.5+
A fluent interface to create Lambda functions and expression waiting for Microsoft Roslyn. The documentation can be found on No knowledge of IL and System.Linq.Expression is needed. And even Lambda can be called. Available items are: Function p...
With Roslinq it's possible to use Linq to browse through source code and modify it.
Used to help support Akka.NET users and developers with common Akka-specific code issues
A MSBuild task that automatically runs Roslyn (csx) scripts before compilation as an alternative to T4.
Stop copying and pasting code in order to support Async/Await! Shaolinq.AsyncRewriter generates async methods from your sync methods using Roslyn. AsyncRewriter is used extensively by the Shaolinq ORM/LINQ project.
F# wrapper for Roslyn CodeGeneration API
Roslyn analyzer for enforcing null contracts
Provides the analyzers necessary to ensure that Enumeration derivations with [FlagsEnumeration] decoration are declared partial.
A shared package used by the .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn + Conan") including support for analyzing projects and solutions. Do not install this package manually, it will be added as a prerequisite by other packages that require it. More details at
An implementation of .NET documentation rules using Roslyn analyzers and code fixes
Generates a static HTML website from a managed Visual Studio solution that allows you to search, browse and navigate the C#, VB, MSBuild and TypeScript code online.
Provides attributes used to annotate your code in order to provide additional information to the Augurk.CSharpAnalyzer.
How do we Enforce Coding standards and guidelines at Compiler Level and this should be applicable for all projects in an Org. When we compile a code, C# compiler should warn developer to use 1) Transient fault handling app blocks (if code is connecting to Sql azure, ServiceBus, Blob/tables etc) 2)...
ClangSharp are strongly-typed safe Clang bindings written in C# for .NET and Mono, tested on Linux and Windows.
Provides analyzers for validating that: * Tabs are used for indentation. * Lengths of lines, methods, properties, and files are acceptable. * #regions are used within long files and files that contain multiple types. * Method blocks use a single return. * File names match the names of type...
The CLI for Scripty, a tool to let you use Roslyn-powered C# scripts for code generation.
The goal of DaVinci is to help you to write better object-oriented C# code. Better means maintainable, readable and testable code. Because DaVinci's rule are very strict, it's recommended to use DaVinci when you exercise programming (e.g. coding dojo). For the currently supported rules, have a look...
XmlDocumentationComments Analyzers