Top 20 NuGet pubsub Packages

Task scheduling for .NET: Azure Service Bus
Satori is a cloud-based, live data ecosystem that manages schema-less real-time live data as it happens. The ecosystem includes a fast and massively scalable messaging engine known as RTM. Use the C# SDK for Satori RTM to create mobile, desktop or server-based applications that communicate with the ...
Collection of the entire "Twitch.Net.X" Library, for an easier installation and upgrade of all nugets.
Fully asynchronous Redis client, capable of pipelined operations; this acts as a multiplexer, allowing high-performance parallel usage of a single connection (or few connections) without being blocked on each separate request. All core redis opeations are supported. This library can also be used fro...
Convenience package that installs MyNatsClient and ReactiveExtensions (System.Reactive). MyNatsClient, provides a simple, effective sync and async library for interacting with NATS Server using .NET and .NET Core. It uses IObservable so it is ReactiveX (RX) friendly.
A TCP-based, Pub/Sub C# library.
Pubsub JS (pubsub-js) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
.NET Standard 2.0 version of ServiceStack.Common
This library provides API for common infrastructure management functionality aimed at Object Oriented Internet application deployment including but not limited to: - Common definitions - Tracking - Bootstrapper
Project containing all models used in TwitchLib.Api
The core functionality of SemanticData Reactive Networking library based on OPC UA Part 14 Pub/Sub.
Licensed with RTI® Connext® DDS Professional. RTI Connext DDS is a connectivity framework for building distributed applications with requirements for high performance and scalability.
PubSub Implementation to communicate with twitchs PubSub system.
A simple messenger/event aggregator
The XDMessaging library provides an easy-to-use, zero configuration solution to inter-process communication for .NET applications. It provides a simple API for broadcasting and receiving messages across application domain, process, and even network boundaries.
JavaScript client for XSockets.NET server
Windows Azure Service Bus wrapper modeled after the NServiceBus pattern of IHandleMessage<T>. (Core)
Lykke WampSharp Microsoft.AspNetCore.WebSockets.Server support
RawSocket transport for WampSharp
WampSharp Newtonsoft.Msgpack support