Top 20 NuGet physics Packages

This C# library provides units management in different measure system (International System, CGS, Imperial system and US).
This package contains a testbed for RigidBody physics simulation, showing various aspects of their configuration and interaction.
The wickedest C# DICOM libary in the world.
Speedy real time physics simulation library.
.NET wrapper for the Bullet physics engine
A collection of methods for solving Displacement, Initial and Final Velocities, Constant Acceleration and Time.
The DigitalRune Engine is a collection of middleware libraries and tools for developing 3D games, VR simulations and CAx applications.
Fire-API for .NET Framework by Renaud42.
A simple library for 2D physics simulations in .NET.
Yet Another Math Parser (YAMP) Core System with all base types and functions.
Collision detection for Axis-Aligned-Bounding-Boxes (aka AABB).
Spine is a 2D skeletal animation tool for game development and other animation projects.
Physics related type system that models the physical world, including distances, areas, etc. Includes strongly typed operators, so that multiplying two distances results in an area, etc.
.NET wrapper for NVIDIA PhysX 3.4.1 @ 23584284
Port of LAPACK and BLAS libraries to .NET
A .NET library that helps with mathematics and algorithmic work.
Physical Unit System Framework. PhysicalMeasure is a C# library for handling physical quantities by specifying value and unit. Scaling of units and conversions between multiple unit systems are supported.
Jitter Physics is a fast and lightweight physics engine written in C#.
Bonsai Physics Library containing modules for creating reactive 3D physics simulations.
Aether.Physics2D is a 2D collision detection system.