Top 20 NuGet paging Packages

A simple UserControl that shows the data-table and paging automatically. With this library, you can also edit the data and it will be saved to the database automatically.
Pagination component for core Blazor.
A lightweight and easy to use dynamic pager libery for Mvc 4 and up, written in C#. Compatible with bootstap 3 and 4
Framework to assist in sorting and paging a query with core entityframework.
These extensions make it easy to chain Linq expressions based on conditions—useful for sorting, filtering, and paging.
The Auron SMS component is a simple COM based API for sending and receiving SMS and Pager messages. The most important features: * Easy to use API; * SMS messaging via GSM modem, SMPP, HTTP and Dialup; * Build your own SMSC with the SMPP server API; * Both SMPP server and client API can be ...
ASP.NET Core PagedList core library provides data paging functionality for ASP.NET Core targeted projects.
PagedList makes it easier for .Net developers to write paging code. It allows you to take any IEnumerable(T) and by specifying the page size and desired page index, select only a subset of that list. PagedList also provides properties that are useful when building UI paging controls. (This is .NET C...
This library provides data-paging functionality and pager UI for ASP.NET Core MVC projects.
Reinforced.Lattice additional Razor templating extensions for ASP.NET MVC 4
Reinforced.Lattice additional Razor templating extensions for ASP.NET MVC 4
Reinforced.Lattice Razor helpers for changing layout design templates built for ASP.NET MVC 5
A paging tag helper for ASP.NET Core 2.0 with ajax support and Bootstrap 4.0 generated markup.
ASP.NET Core PagedList abstraction layer defines the IPagedList and IDynamicPagedList interface and useful extension methods for ASP.NET Core targeted projects. This project does not contains the implementation for creating paged list from a certain data source.
A paged foreach binding for knockout
A light weight pagination framework
Reinforced.Lattice quick start bundle package for ASP.NET MVC 4. Includes everything - from core library to default template in single package
Reinforced.Lattice integration assembly for ASP.NET MVC 4
A library for ASP.Net Core to support paging, sorting and filtering queries.
Common classes used by other Candor libraries.