Top 20 NuGet paging Packages

With Interaction Lib you can wire up most common ajax UI interactions with as few as 2 - 3 attributes right in your markup with no additional javascript. Also provides markup for wiring and configuring other jQuery/jQueryUI plugins. Provides support for unobtrusive configurations.
jQuery.fluentPaging is a paging plugin for jQuery that allows loading data while scrolling thru the document. The difference with other paging libraries is that jQuery.fluentPaging is highly customizable and optimized for SPA applications.
* On-demand loading of list * Paged list * Can use page up / page down shortcut when navigating the list * Can type on textbox anytime even when the dropdown list is displayed * Can use mouse scroll on the popup list * Uses AngularJS 1.3 ng-model-options debounce functionality to prevent fast typist...
Library to support link-header-based paging per RFC-5988
PagedList with async support.
PagedList.Mvc with async support.
A light weight pagination framework
Simple library to implement pagination in .NET.
.Net Core Paging For IEnumerable Objects
Easily paging in ASP.NET MVC that get data as chunks from database
MVC models and extensions for Pagination (easy control of paged results for IQueryable sources).
Query helpers and extensions for NHibernate.
A Platform Independent Pager For doing simple Server Paging.
A Platform Independent Pager For doing simple Server Paging.
A Platform Independent Pager For doing simple Server Paging.
ASP.NET 5 PagedList abstraction layer defines the IPagedList interface and useful extension methods for ASP.NET 5 targeted projects. This project does not contains the implementation for creating paged list from a certain data source.
Repositorio genérico com suporte a paginação de dados no banco via linq
Fluent sql query builder for with paging support.
Easy to use paginator for ASP.NET MVC
Server side paging and sorting in MVC 3, easy to use. Download the source code from codeplex with examples.