Top 20 NuGet openxml Packages

The simplest/easiest way to translate a DataTable into an Excel document (XLSX) - A more advanced setup can be used too if you need more control of the output. - Based on OpenXML from Microsoft - As lightweight as it can be. This is among the simplest and fastest libraries to convert a DataTable to...
Microservice that generates Excel reports with http-POST request and WebAPI.
Nequeo search engine component
This package contains the 'DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Droid' plugin. This is not the official version. Packaging from wotzisname's github project.
This package contains the 'DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Touch' plugin. This is not the official version. Packaging from wotzisname's github project.
Library to abstract complexities encountered when using OpenXML to create MS Excel spreadsheets. This library exposes only a small subset of OpenXML with the most frequently used functionality - adding cells and setting their style (like alignment, color, boldness).
ExtremeML adds new power to the OpenXML SDK 2.0, enabling packages to be created and edited via an intuitive object model and freeing developers from the burden of implementing the low-level detail of OpenXML.
TabulaRasa is .NET library which provides a fluent API for generating, changing and templating documents in OpenXML format.
fix for issue 7508 (Azure excel openxml reports). Adds OpenXML support to DoddleReport. The currently supported format is Excel and is more robust than the default ExcelReportWriter in DoddleReport.
Provides SheetParser the ability to read OpenXML spreadsheets.
Allow edit Excel spreadsheets with a very short and clean code.
Read and save to .xlsx made easy. For the developer that has better things to do that work with spreadsheets but just has to provide something to the business. The purpose of this package is to minimize the learning curve required to start saving to excel files or reading spreadsheet files uploaded ...
Convert delimited list of strings to Excel.
Export to Excel a data from your WebAPI OData endpoint.
This package works like OpenXML helper to enable user to easily create Excel file from jqGrid data collection.
Quickly turns an IEnumerable into an excel spreadsheet
A simple library for writing and reading Excel spreadsheets using a Dot Net List of T as the input or received output of the operation.
Nequeo document component
Для выгрузки отчета в Web проекте через Api. Предоставдляет фреймворк для скачивания и формирование файлов отчетов в формате Excel или Word. Данный пакет является примером использования.
A library for reading and writing Excel files. Extremely fast, flexible, and easy to use.