Top 20 NuGet odata Packages

Package Description
This assembly executes the hub service via a windows service.
This assembly executes the Hub server on the console.
This assembly delivers components for creating the EF context dynamically and migrating the MS SQL database if necessary.
Provides an Entity Framework provider for use with the GenericODataWebApi package
AutoQueryable.AspNetCore.Filter add filterAttribute for AutoQueryable to Asp.Net >=4.6.
This library provides: 1) Automatic retry logic with overloads taking both synchronous and asynchronous delegates compatible with all DocumentDB client methods. 2) A "query interceptor" that A) both allows use of the aforementioned retry logic with Linq IQueryables against DocumentDB (this supports ...
Linq to Querystring is an expression parser for .NET that aims to provide a lightweight subset of the OData URI Specification
Simple Binding that enables dynamic filtering on your webapi via url
"OData provider backed by MongoDB"
Builds and manages a javascript object that represents an oData query string
.NET helper classes for developing OData service Client Libraries. Learn more about how to use this library @
Encapsulates the ODataHQ Core REST APIs and ODataHQ Query APIs to provide simplified access to supported account functionality. This assembly can be used in conjunction with the custom workspace SDK which is generated for each workspace in your account and contains concrete objects with represent yo...
Beetle.js server files.
A thin netstandard IQueryable interface over a simple odate endpoint. Compatable with odata endpoints powered by Linq2OData.Server
Extension methods over IQueryable that can generate expressions a filter based on odata query syntax.
Extends the Microsoft.AspNet.OData package to provide built in controllers with support for all OData functions for WebAPI. Just register an IODataProvider with Unity,
Currently it supports below query mappings: primitive: field => c.field parent/child => c.parent.child Namespace.EnumType'enumVal' => 'enumVal' queries: $select => SELECT $filter => WHERE $top => TOP $o...
Lobsta is an opinionated application development framework.
Lobsta is an opinionated application development framework.