Top 20 NuGet odata Packages

AutoClutch.AutoRepo is a simple generic repository for Entity Framework 6 that can be used to save you coding time when creating a data layer.
A set of Angular directives designed to rapidly build modern web applications. Featuring a simple to design grid with a lot of features like server side pagination, multi-column filtering, exporting to CSV in client side. Starting version 1.0.1 the Local Data and OData support is not longer in the ...
.NET helper classes for developing OData service Client Libraries. Learn more about how to use this library @
A service API versioning library for Microsoft ASP.NET Web API and OData v4.0.
Server API for responding to OData queries and consuming/producing OData payloads based on entity framework version 6.0 or higher Supports OData v3. Targets .NET 4.0.
Json serialization for SelectExpand result
(This package has been deprecated. Use AutoMapper.AspNetCore.OData.EFCore or AutoMapper.AspNetCore.OData.EF6.) Creates LINQ expressions from ODataQueryOptions.
(This package has been deprecated. Use AutoMapper.AspNet.OData.EF6.) Creates LINQ expressions from ODataQueryOptions.
A lightweight implementation of some OData operations for ASP.NET Core APIs.
This project get a specific header (default to "X-Forwarded-Path") from the request and set the value to basePath. I have created this middleware for using OData Api behind a proxy for rewrite the @OData metadata tag with correct Url Path.
This assembly sets up and delivers the OData and WCF webservices.
Beetle.js javascript files.
This package contains everything you need to create OData v4.0 endpoints using ASP.NET Web API and to support OData query syntax for your web APIs.
OData parser for NHibernate.
A .NET 4.5 library which adds OData 4.0 support to the extension for the MicroLite ORM Framework to integrate with ASP.NET WebApi.
OData linq for ASP.NET Core 2.0
A fork of
What is this? ------------- SpaStack.NET is a Single Page Application (SPA) web boilerplate framework built from Durandal.js JayData.js ASP.NET Web API 2 oData . It allows you to maintain one slim codebase . It be package with PhoneGap for native deployments to Android / iPhone / Blackberry / Windo...
Invantive SQL is a netstandard 2.0 port of Invantive SQL that allows access to over 50 cloud and database platforms, all acting together as one global database. Platforms include: ExactOnline, Teamleader, Freshdesk, Salesforce, FTP, Dynamics, EDIFACT, ECB, VIES, XAF, XAS and XAA.
A .NET Standard library which makes it easy to consume an OData 4.0 Query