Top 20 NuGet ninject Packages

Simplified Ninject bindings for Basco.
Web framework that extends ASP.NET MVC with a plug-in architecture and default implementations of commonly used features.
Extends the ninject kernel to pull components from nuget packages. This package will provide a new Load method for the kernel that lets you pull modules from nuget packages.
Configures packages using Ioc.Modules as a Ninject module
Ninject bindings for the JG EventStore Http subscriber, used for instantiating event handlers for subscribed messages
Extensions for Fluent Assertions for testing Ninject bindings.
A simple way to inject strongly-typed configuration settings into your application via [web|app].config.
Automock implementation using Ninject to create the objects under test.
Automock implementation for NSubstitute using Ninject to create the objects under test.
This package use the ninject kernel to handle your web api controllers.
Automock implementation for FakeItEasy using Ninject to create the objects under test.
The package Provides a solution for the UnitOfWork patterns together with inversition of control. It is the core abstractions, interfaces and core classes that can be used for any ORM. On the project site there are examples of Autofact, Castle.Windsor, Ninject, Simpleinjector, StructureMap, a...
Ninject library for ChilliSource.Cloud
Deleporter Core (use Deleporter.Server/Deleporter.Client for easy setup) - Simple Cross Process Stubbing. Deleporter is a lightweight .NET library that teleports arbitrary delegates into an ASP.NET application in some other process (e.g. hosted in IIS) and runs them there. One use case is stubbing ...
Extension for Ninject used to create a dependency toghether with another object without having a reference to it
Common Instance Factory provides an abstraction over dependency injection and IoC containers using the abstract factory design pattern. Created as an alternative to the Common Service Locator that does not use the service location anti-pattern and provides support for releasing instances.
Usage logger for ASP.NET WebAPI using Ninject.Extensions.Logging. Logs all requests to your API and records the following attributes: * Method * Request Uri * Originating IP * Content-Type * Content-Length * Encoding * Charset * L...
Castle extension to support interceptors for types and methods
This package contains a Ninject implementation of the abstract ServiceLocator.
This is a *unofficial* version of NInject.Extensions.Factory that is compatible with the older Castle.Core that ActiveRecord requires.