Top 20 NuGet ninject Packages

Testing helpers for using Ninject.MockingKernel.FakeItEasy with EntityFramework.
A simple, easy to use asynchronous messaging framework for .NET.
Support for injectable actions in views for SuperSimpleViewEngine using Ninject
ServiceBridge implementation for Ninject.
This library integrate ServiceBridge with MassActivation for Ninject implementation.
Use MongoDB as the read store and data store in CQRS.NET
Use Ninject as your IoC container of choice with Microsoft Azure Blob Storage for CQRS.NET
Use Ninject as your IoC container of choice with MongoDB for CQRS.NET
Extension to Ninject.Extensions.AutoBinding.Web that adds support for Ninject.Web.Common scopes
This is a modification of Portable.Ninject v3.3.1 ( compatible with PCL profile 111, .NET Standard 1.4, iOS and Android. Modification has been done with help from Thanks! Supported platforms: iOS, Android, UWP
Smart IoC library for your SignalR application
Fluent library (essentially ILog) to introduce a complete application logging stack to your application. Fluent logging uses NLog to perist messages and comes with Ninject and Elmah connectors
Inversion of control - dependency injection. Ninject.
A Ninject extension for IoC.Configuration 2. Source code can be found at Detailed documentation on IoC.Configuration is available at Look at
The main functions of IoC.Configuration library are: 1) Container agnostic configuration of dependency injection using XML configuration file. The file has section where container can be specified, that will be handling dependency injection resolutions. Currently two popular containers are support...
Implementation of the phase dependency resolver using ninject
Deleporter - Simple Cross Process Stubbing. Facilitates stubbing out dependencies when running automated browser tests against ASP.Net. Use in conjunction with your favorite mocking/IOC frameworks. Deleporter will teleport mock objects (or any arbitrary delegates) into a remote ASP.Net application, ...
Adds the current SeleniumServer.jar (27MB) to the project (requires Java to run - Pulls in Selenium.Support. Useful for headless browser testing where you don't want to be bothered with setting up Selenium Server. Note, if you already have a SeleniumServer.jar on your system, you c...
Ninject based factory for Jessica, a micro web framework.
Dependency Injection wrapper using Ninject