Top 20 NuGet micro Packages

A very lightweight in-memory message bus for .NET Barcode Reader. This is Windows Runtime Component for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps. Decodes all popular barcode types: Linear, 2D: PDF417 (Micro, Compact), QRCode (Micro), DataMatrix, AztecCode.
MySql provider for CoPilot.ORM
Sql Server provider for CoPilot.ORM
PostgreSql provider for CoPilot.ORM
Long Running Process Execution in Dotnet. Runs long running processes in the background of your application allowing you to fire and forget any long running processes you may need to execute. Helper elements to get Service Resolution and Dependency Injection available.
Koa.AspNetCore.Swashbuckle is a part of Koa project.
Currently supported: Nunchuck and Classic Controller.
Currently supported: Servo, SparkFun Ardumoto.
A .NET 4.5 library which adds helper classes for unit testing against the MicroLite ORM Framework.
Output module for Gemini, providing a buffered output tool pane.
Xna module for Gemini, providing two methods of integrating XNA content in WPF.
ErrorList module for Gemini, providing a tool window to display messages, warnings and errors.
GraphEditor module for Gemini, providing UI controls to edit a graph of connected nodes.
Coding4Fun PopUp based IWindowManager implementation for Caliburn Micro.
Microsoft .NET Micro Framework DHCP Service
Microsoft .NET Micro Framework DNS Service
Microsoft .NET Micro Framework HTTP Service
Microsoft .NET Micro Framework SNTP Service
Extensions for PeterKottas.DotNetCore.RequestResponse used to serialize Journey