Top 20 NuGet lambda Packages

This library uses and abuses the features of C# 6 and 7 to provide a functional 'Base class library', that, if you squint, can look like extensions to the language itself.
Amazon.Lambda.AspNetCoreServer makes it easy to run ASP.NET Core Web API applications as AWS Lambda functions.
AWS Lambda is a compute service that runs your code in response to events and automatically manages the compute resources for you, making it easy to build applications that respond quickly to new information.
Amazon.Lambda.Tools adds commands to the dotnet cli to deploy AWS Lambda functions.
Razor view engine support for the Giraffe web framework.
Support for Reactive Extensions overloads for various types in the LanguageExt.Core
Remote Linq is a small and easy to use - yet very powerful - library to translate linq expression trees to strongly typed, serializable object trees and vice versa. It provides functionality to send arbitrary linq queries to a remote service to be applied and executed against any enumerable or query...
Amazon Lambda .NET Core support - Serialization.Json package.
A tool to help debug and test your .NET Core AWS Lambda functions locally.
Amazon Lambda .NET Core support - Core package.
Amazon Lambda .NET Core support - API Gateway package.
Amazon Lambda .NET Core support - Logging ASP.NET Core package.
A native functional ASP.NET Core web framework for F# developers.
Amazon.Lambda.TestUtilties includes stub implementations of interfaces defined in Amazon.Lambda.Core and helper methods.
Amazon Lambda .NET Core support - SQSEvents package.
Amazon Lambda .NET Core support - S3Events package.
Amazon Lambda .NET Core support - SNSEvents package.
echo-process Actor library component that works with LanguageExt.Core: An 'Erlang like' process system (actors) that can optionally persist messages and state to Redis (note you can use it without Redis for in-app messaging). The process system additionally supports Rx streams of messages and state ...
Serverless .NET for AWS - Base Library
Amazon Lambda .NET Core support - Application Load Balancer package.