Top 20 NuGet jwt Packages

jwt authentication using jose.jwt for Jimu microservice framework
ServiceStack.JWKS is a plugin to consume or expose a JSON Web Key Set data structure when using JWT tokens.
A small utility library for issuing and validating JWT Bearer. Can be used for both ASP.NET Core and .NET Framework Web project as well as Desktop App (no built-in flow).
Generic JWT token delegating handler
This is a JWT Wrapper of the framework jwt-dotnet/jwt ( for ASP.Net Core.
Creates all artifacts that enables a WebApp/WebAPI project to authenticate users with cookies & JWTs (WebAPI). Generates JWTs and register users via WebAPI using tokens. Totally normal behaviour with cookies when using in web-mode
Attaches the "Authorization: Bearer ...token..." HTTP header to each Web Service call using an EndpointBehavior and MessageInterceptor
A library containing OAuth server providers and utilities for OWIN using JWT.
NuClear Security services wo work with claims
Jot is a .NET library for use with JSON Web Tokens (JWT). Jot will take care of all your JWT creation, encryption(hashing), and verification for you. Jot was made extremely flexible, if you want to use your own hash algorithm, serialization, or set custom claims it's all there for you. What set's Jo...
For JSON Web Token (JWT) creation, parsing and validation.
Library for working with JSON Web Tokens (Jots)
A simple JWT authentication package for API projects
Core Knight Blades for JWT Authentication, used when Coding with Honor!
For JSON Web Token (JWT) creation, parsing and validation. This is a dependency of package EasyJwt. If used directly you will need to provide json serialization/deserialization and signature hashing.
Package Description
Handler for ACS-emitted OAuth2 Bearer tokens.
This library is a dependency of the FCore.AuthServer and FCore.ResourceServer libraries. It contains a simple WebToken class that becomes the access token issued by the auth server, and passed as a Bearer token to authorized resource server calls.
.NET library to implement JWT functionality
Sage Security library for Security claims and JWT tokens intended to support inter-service calls between micro services